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Il Gonfalone in diretta Streaming

Siretta Streaming
Diretta streaming della 43ª edizione del Gonfalone di Arpino: Sabato 24 Agosto dalle ore 17.30Domenica 25 agosto dalle 16.30  su questo sito e sui siti , . La diretta sarà curata da Ciociariaturismo e Teleuniverso.



The Gonfalone (originally, type of heraldic flag or banner) of Arpino is a folk event among quartersIl Gonfalone di Arpino and districts in order to safeguard and promote traditions deriving from habits and customs of our ancestors and the Ciociaria. The Palio of “land of Cicero”, in fact, represents, for the town, a way to promote the big historic, artistic and traditional heritage.
The event has three main moments.

It starts with the Presentation of Gonfalone, consisting of the exhibition and the blessing of the banner, made by an international renowned artist; moreover, quarters and districts’ typical dresses are presented. It takes place, usually, on the last Saturday of July.

The manifestation carries on with the Quarters and Districts festivities, inside and outside the town’s walls. For the occasion, typical dishes, prepared according to ancient traditional recipes by housewives, are tasted.
The event ends with the expected Palio days taking place in the weekend after mid-August.

ImageThe town centre stages characteristic moments with popular songs, saltarello ciociaro (typical dance of Ciociaria) and wine-and-food areas evoking ancient jobs and typical characters and traditions of the territory.

The six races, which count for the banner’s awarding, close the manifestation.




The six races start among a triumph of flags, chants and high expectation atmosphere, waiting the Gonfalone awarding.  Starting from Corso Tulliano, going up to Piazza Municipio, quarters and districts challenge each other::

the jockey, dressed up with the typical dress of Ciociaria, rides a donkey only equipped with the bridle and the bit. The race starts at the Ponte gate up to Piazza Municipio for 330 m .

Corsa con gli Asini Corsa con gli Asini

the competitors, with the “ciocie” (typical shoes of Ciociaria) have to run up to Piazza Municipio, carrying a wooded barrow with iron wheels. The route is 280 m. long. Inside the barrow is set a sack full of grain as ballast and all weights 40 kg..   

Corsa con la Carriola Corsa con la Carriola

Only this race is reserved to women. It’s a terracotta amphora full of water, called “cannata”, symbol of Arpino and the Ciociaria. The competitors with the “ciocie” take it on the head, using a “spara”, a roll donut-shaped cloth on which is set the “cannata”. The route is 280 m. long.

cannata1 small Corsa con la Cannata

In this race, the competitors run in a jute sack and have to complete the entire route, 280 m. long, hoping on a feet. It’s absolutely prohibited to walk.

sacco1 small sacco2 small


Four competitors for a team, with the “ciocie”, have to pass the baton after completing the entire route from Piazza Municipio, through pebbled descent of Via Aquila Romana, going up to Corso Tulliano and coming back to Piazza Municipio. The route is 610 m long.

Corsa della Staffetta Corsa della Staffetta


After the relay race, among evening lights and colours, the Gonfalone continues in Piazza Municipio. The spectators, at the foot of the stage, assist to the last race with the hug-of-war’s “giants”. At the end of this very spectacular and exciting race, on the basis of the sum of scores, the quarter or district that has won the Gonfalone. 

fune1 small fune2 small



In questa gara gli atleti entrano in un "sacco di juta" e dovranno completare l’intero percorso di 280 m, saltellando all’interno del sacco. E’ assolutamente vietato camminare.

Quarters and districts

Stemma Quartiere Arco QUARTIERE ARCO
Social Colors:  bianco-verde
President: Marco Mancini
Numbers of Victories: 18
Web Site:


stemma civita falconara
Social Color: rosso-nero
President: Alessandro Mura
Numbers of Victories: 1 nel 1981


Stemma Collecarino

Social Colori: giallo-celeste
President: Tiziana Pellegrini
Web Site: 


ponte_small_newQUARTIERE PONTE
Social Color: giallo-rosso
President: Emanuele Caira
Numbers of Victories:  9 - Last victory 2008
Web Site:  


Stemma Vallone

Social Color: rosso-blu
President: Andrea Gabriele
Numbers of Victories: 14 . Last victory  2013


Social Color: nero-azzurro
President: Manuel Martino
Numbers of Victories: 2
Web Site:


Social Color: rosa-nero
President: Polsinelli Domenico


Golden Roll


1971 - Quartiere PONTE
1972 - Quartiere COLLE
1973 - Contrada VIGNEPIANE
1974 - Contrada VALLONE
1975 - Contrada VALLONE
1976 - Contrada VALLONE
1977 - Quartiere ARCO-PONTE
1978 - Quartiere PONTE
1980 - Quartiere ARCO
1981 - Quartiere CIVITA FALCONARA
1982 - Quartiere PONTE
1983 - Quartiere PONTE
1984 - Quartiere ARCO-PONTE (ex equo)
1985 - Quartiere ARCO
1986 - Quartiere COLLE
1987 - Contrada VALLONE
1988 - Quartiere ARCO-VALLONE (ex equo)
1989 - Quartiere ARCO
1990 - Quartiere ARCO
1991 - Contrada VALLONE 
1992 - Contrada VALLONE
1993 - Quartiere ARCO
1994 - Contrada VALLONE
1995 - Contrada VALLONE
1996 - Contrada VALLONE
1997 - Quartiere ARCO
1998 - Contrada VALLONE
1999 - Contrada VALLONE
2000  - Quartiere ARCO
2001 - Quartiere ARCO
2002 - Quartiere ARCO
2003 - Quartiere ARCO
2004 - Quartiere ARCO
2005 - Quartiere ARCO
2006 - Quartiere PONTE
2007 - Quartiere PONTE
2008 - Quartiere PONTE
2009 - Contrada VALLONE
2010 - Quartiere ARCO
2011 - Contrada VIGNEPIANE
2012 - Contrada VALLONE
2013 - Contrada VALLONE
2014 - Quartiere ARCO
2015 - Quartiere ARCO