The Gonfalone (originally, type of heraldic flag or banner) of Arpino is a folk event among quartersIl Gonfalone di Arpino and districts in order to safeguard and promote traditions deriving from habits and customs of our ancestors and the Ciociaria. The Palio of “land of Cicero”, in fact, represents, for the town, a way to promote the big historic, artistic and traditional heritage.
The event has three main moments.

It starts with the Presentation of Gonfalone, consisting of the exhibition and the blessing of the banner, made by an international renowned artist; moreover, quarters and districts’ typical dresses are presented. It takes place, usually, on the last Saturday of July.

The manifestation carries on with the Quarters and Districts festivities, inside and outside the town’s walls. For the occasion, typical dishes, prepared according to ancient traditional recipes by housewives, are tasted.
The event ends with the expected Palio days taking place in the weekend after mid-August.

ImageThe town centre stages characteristic moments with popular songs, saltarello ciociaro (typical dance of Ciociaria) and wine-and-food areas evoking ancient jobs and typical characters and traditions of the territory.

The six races, which count for the banner’s awarding, close the manifestation.